1 Hour Natal/Transit  Chart Reading with Kim
1 Hour Natal/Transit  Chart Reading with Kim

1 Hour Natal/Transit Chart Reading with Kim

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Kim will take a look at aspects of your birth chart, including what makes you you, as well as life experiences from past to future. If you have specific questions, those can be focused on as well. Each consultation is unique to the client as there are no two identical birth charts. Perfect for first time clients. 

For previous clients, this is excellent to take a look at current and upcoming transits to see what the future energy looks like. 

* For this service, you must have your date of birth, location of birth (city and state), and time of birth (preferably from a birth certificate) on hand for your appointment. 

Because of the required prep work, all services are non-refundable within 72 hours of the appointment date. Please read our Terms of Service page before booking. 



"The reading was amazing! Everything Kim said was all me and she nailed it. This is truly amazing stuff and it all made perfect sense for what I was feeling. The reading was so powerful and I felt so empowered after a reading with Kim." - Amber

"My reading with Kim clarified everything in my life at that moment. I had been feeling confused about some life decisions and then everything clicked. I’m now in the process of doing what I feel I’m meant to be doing and Kim’s chart reading confirmed this for me. She answered all of my questions with compassion while also being inquisitive and thorough. Absolutely recommend!" - Sarah

"My reading with Kim was spot on. From how I’ve made choices and lived my life up to this point to what I should be doing with my life for the future, everything was correct. She was very intuitive and showed great care when discussing some of the sensitive details of my life. I felt completely comfortable the whole time and walked away feeling like I had better control over my life!" - Josh